Our security charges ranges from GHC 1000.00 to Ghc 1500.00. Charges are Negotiable.

How much do you charge?


Allied Security Services Ltd normally makes provision for the restitution of ascertained losses or
damages, arising from proven negligence or other omission or default of any of our employees. 

Depending on your circumstances, the size of your business and the kind of footfall you anticipate,
we can design a versatile solution that will see your Allied Security Guard wear more than one cap.

ASSL’S goal is to propose mitigation services and strategies to avoid all together, manage, control
and/or minimize the risks that may affect its client’s operation
ASSL specific standard training tailored to our clients in line with best security industry practice. Our
integrated approach enable us to be able to provide, cover and support upon request all aspects and
phases of our clients’ operations:
• Close Protection Services
• Self Sufficient Evacuation and/or Relocation Plans
• Accommodation, Office identification and Assessment
• Guest Houses
Ground Transport
• Travelers Advices Briefing and Trainings (Hostile Environment Security Training for Corporate Staff)
• Ops Rooms 24/7 Support and Watch keepers
• Local Administrative Support

How is your indemnity  insurance like?

At Allied security services, We strive to reach the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior
by implements well selected security setups to satisfy the client’s needs.
We also endeavor to develop our integration in the regions where we operate by understanding and
following laws to enhance professionalism by sharing experience and developing educational programs
on the basis of security awareness.
The fact that we do have offices, operational rooms, well equipped man guards, approved gadgets,
patrol teams and operational vehicles, indicates our readiness to provide to our clients the best of
quality services as our motto suggest (YOUR PROTECTION, OUR OBLIGATION)
• A capacity of projection and support in case of crisis
• A top-quality service at a competitive price

 Allied Security services success lies in the selection of its staff, partners, equipment and the
developing of long term relationships with its clients in order to provide quality security services tailored
to their needs and budget. Our operations in the field are self-sustained, allowing us to reduce HQ
management, shorten the line of communication with the clients and deliver responsive general security
services and support.



The cornerstone of any strategic decision particularly in terms of safety/ security is intelligence. Our
services rely on local knowledge and extensive field experience, which has led to the development of ASSL’S local networks. These networks helps ASSL to identify possible threats and to evaluate the risk
based on a typical threat/ risk matrix, in order to mitigate the client’s exposure.


Our various operations in unstable regions have enabled us to gain experience and expertise in the field
of crisis management: Quick Reaction Teams, Ops room 24/7 and Watchkeepers, Business continuity
planning, Emergency relocation and Evacuation, Contingency planning

Crisis Management


In an increasingly competitive and unstable environment, security training and awareness are essential
in order for companies to maintain control of their environment and their information. Our trainings are
intended for companies and individuals, and adaptable to their specific needs including: Security/ Safety
Awareness, Contingency planning, Business intelligence, Crisis communication, Data protection,
Standard operating procedures, First aid, advanced trauma training and Hostile environment security

A training program carried out by experienced and professional instructors at Allied Security
Training Center in collaboration with officers from National Police and Academy Training school, is
conducted in three phases namely;
a) Pre-assignment Training
b) On the job Training
c) Periodic Refresher Course and Training

 The training covers the following areas: Basics of Security, Patrolling Duties, Access Control, Arrest
Procedures, Records, Cash Security, Accident prevention, Fire Precaution, Code of Ethics.

 In addition shift leaders or Head guards are equipped with Kenwood VHF Radios.


Allied Security Services take pride when their guards are fully equipped and uniquely distinguished in
Uniforms to meet professional standards. Therefore Allied security Services issue guards with neat
uniform to carry out their duties efficiently and effectively. Each guard receives two sets of uniforms. The
uniform consists of Brown Trousers with cream stripes on both sides, Cream shirt with company logo,
Cap, black boot and green zip vest with pockets- blue and ash reflectors



Specific measures to be introduced into the contract will be;
Non – disclosure of Information gained in the course of guard duties without express permission.
Non – harboring of unauthorized persons on locations.
Strict restriction of guards to their areas of duties.

Maximum respect and protection for Client’s customers


 It is the policy of this company when considering of supply of guards and other security systems, to
ensure this is done with maximum efficiency, by first arranging a conference with appropriate member of
the requesting staff in order to identify particular problems

 Among other things, the requesting client shall provide a comprehensive history of the
organization/premises and previous security lapses if any including threat to security.

An inspection tour shall be conducted of the organization/premises, jointly with the requesting client,
after which a security assessment report will then be submitted to their client for their final decision.